Should I upload my CV on multiple science job websites?

There are many science job websites where scientists can upload their CV to find a job. Thus, should you create and upload several professional CV on these job websites?

Probably not!

Interestingly, I do not know a single colleague who ever took the time to look for candidates on these job search sites. I even heard from a representative of a well-known science job website that they are aware that not many (if any) employers search through these thousands of CVs and they make all their money with job advertisements (and not with uploaded CVs). However, this surprising honesty may have been a strategic confession to get a contract with our university by agreeing with everything the critical academics had to say :).

Anyway, all colleagues I have asked advertise their vacancies on different, mostly free portals and wait for the candidates to apply. This saves a lot of work because the applicants have to apply via  specific web applications or have to use specific forms which make the applications more comparable. In addition, the applicant can show easily whether he/she knows the job and the institution/company by submitting a tailored cover letter and a tailored CV. Standard applications can already be filtered out by the secretaries.

I am afraid that creating and uploading your CV on these websites is a waste of time. Instead you should define precisely what kind of job you want, which talents, skills and weaknesses you have and search specifically for open vacancies which fit with your profile. This approach also helps you to develop underdeveloped skills which are probably necessary for the job you want. The more specific you are the higher is your chance that you find a job which is close to your expectations. When you finally know the conditions you want you can more easily build contacts with researchers and employers who work in the chosen field.

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  1. I think uploading CV on various websites can help you get job quickly as compared to searching for job by own. Uploading CV can help you get your desired job without wasting time. But the basic thing is that resume must be clean and resume template must be focused to get you your desired job. Otherwise it would not be beneficial to you.

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