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Assistant professor and associate professor – what is the difference?

Knowing which types of academic positions are available in the academic market is helpful for making good career decisions. There are multiple types of professor jobs in many different disciplines, including tenure-track or tenured positions such as assistant professor, associate professor, and full-time professor. For a successful career in science, it is essential to understand what tenure and tenure track mean.

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Career or Contribution

Everybody struggles with the same dilemma. Do I focus on my career or on my scientific contributions? If I concentrate on my advancement, I am seen as selfish. Yet, if I focus on my contributions, I will be outperformed by the career guys. How can you combine your career aspirations and your scientific contributions?

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Am I good enough for a career in science?

Are you one of the many people who wonder, “Am I good enough for a career in science?” Every young scientist suffers from these negative thoughts. You’ve worked hard to contribute to the scientific community… and then you get the feeling that you are not good enough. This sense of doubt makes you feel you aren’t good enough for a career in academia.

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Do I really have to go to a famous university for a successful career in science?

Everybody will tell you that it is essential to go to a famous university for a successful career in science. Important arguments are the network you build (for example, via alumni associations), the excellent infrastructure and the great scientists you might connect with. But is it real or is it a myth?

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