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Does Medical School Ranking Matter?

Medical school rankings claim to help you find the best place to study medicine or to become an instructor or researcher. They suggest that you can measure an institution’s reputation and use this information to pursue a more successful career as a doctor or scientist. Is this true? Are medical school rankings important, or is it all fake?

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Am I good enough for a career in science?

Are you one of the many people who wonder, “Am I good enough for a career in science?” Every young scientist suffers from these negative thoughts. You’ve worked hard to contribute to the scientific community… and then you get the feeling that you are not good enough. This sense of doubt makes you feel you aren’t good enough for a career in academia.

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Why professors do not train you for the non-academic job market – and how to handle it!

About 97% of all young researchers find a job *outside* academia. However, most professors focus on academic success and scientific excellence. Some professors are afraid to transform young scientists into “slaves of the market”. Others simply do not feel qualified. Most universities invest a lot of money and efforts to train PhD students and postdocs well for the non-academic job market, but most young researchers do not feel well-prepared.

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